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This project was inspired by a terrific article that spells out the real challenges of American job loss. The article reminds us that we make a difference, that our spending habits make a difference, that we can vote with our dollars. If you haven’t read it, check out, it’s worth a look … Guess who else is shipping our jobs overseas?

The article came along just as frustration over the TTP and TTIP are raising outrage in the United States.  The TTP (Transpacific Partnership) has been getting all the news, the TTIP (Transatlantic Trade & Investment Partnership) is a companion measure for Europe.  It’s May of 2015, and jobs have been being ruthlessly offshored for decades. As Americans struggle to find jobs, US companies are creating hundreds of thousands of jobs in China, Mexico, India and elsewhere – for a fraction of the US pay scale.

We are NOT powerless against the might of multinational corporations!  What we do with our DOLLARS makes a difference!

I love my farmers markets, for example. I know the food that I’m buying was grown locally. Most if not all farmers market vendors are small private farmers. I like keeping my money in the local economy. I like voting with my dollars.

It’s not as easy to have the same mindfulness, though, when it comes to buying store-bought goods.  The article above changed all that.

As the site grows, we’ll be providing comprehensive lists of American companies that keep jobs in the USA.  We’ll look at manufacturing, of course – as well as where components are sourced from, where design teams are located, where sales & support are located etc.  We’ll be featuring leading companies on a regular basis.

We’ll also be talking about “co-op” businesses. This is another great way to support American workers. The co-op business model is a fascinating one, and for years I’ve wanted to pay more attention to it. We’ll be doing that here at

Thanks for visiting! Check back regularly and watch us grow.

Of greatest importance, though – please support businesses that keep jobs in the USA. The people of the United States have been betrayed by Fortune 500 companies, and the only way that will stop is if we vote with our dollars.

Thanks for reading … and BUY AMERICAN!

Pete Russell and the team.



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